How will the Wendy Williams Show Handle the Last Episode after 13 Years


The Wendy Williams show is officially coming to an end, as the popular daytime talk show is coming to an end after a successful show that captivated the audience with serious views and the irreconcilable personality of the titled presenter. The last season was overshadowed by rumors and concerns about the health and financial well-being of its star, who did not appear in any of the episodes of the 13th season. Now we have an official announcement on how the show will finish its impressive run and how it will pay tribute to Williams in the final episode.

Wendy Williams did not return for the premiere of the 13th season of her talk show in October 2021. It is reported that the presenter is struggling due to the breakthrough diagnosis of COVID-19 at the beginning of last fall and complications arising from her many other ongoing health problems, including Graves’ Disease. Several guest presenters came to take her chair, including Sherri Shepherd, Remi Ma, Fat Joe, Michael Rapaport and Terrence Jay, and the series will end without Williams’ final appearance, a series representative confirmed the deadline.:

The last original episode of the Wendy Williams Show will air on Friday, June 17, with a video dedicated to the iconic presenter. The series is coming to an end after 13 successful years in syndication.

There were some questions about whether the media personality would appear one last time on the show before she officially handed over the baton to Sherri Shepherd, who Debmar-Mercury hired to permanently occupy the timeslot with her own talk show Sherri. The show’s staff, most of whom will reportedly continue working on Shepherd’s show, apparently had mixed feelings about how the former host should be included in the final episode. Some people obviously wanted her back, while others were willing to put the past behind them and focus on a new lead.

When Sherri Shepherd returns with her own show, Wendy Williams has said she won’t be watching, and despite the former co-host of The View saying she’s grateful for the opportunity, the two don’t seem to be close, as Shepherd clarified that they’re not friends.

Wendy Williams seems to be hoping to return to television soon, and her more frequent public appearances are a promising sign that she really feels like “the old one” again. However, after Wells Fargo appointed her permanent financial guardian, it looks like she still has a battle to fight.

She “assiduously” denied claims that she was “out of her right mind,” after disturbing reports that the former talk show host could no longer dress or eat prompted Wells Fargo to close her access to her finances and bank statements. After an investigation by the bank, a guardian was put in charge of her money—a decision that, according to her lawyer, she “definitely isn’t going to make.”

As she continues to struggle to regain full control of her finances and return to television, we can at least see the Wendy Williams Show paying homage to its host in the finale. The final edition of the talk show will air on Friday, June 17, so check your local listings to find out the time and channel in your area. Also be sure to check out our TV schedule for 2022 to find out which shows are on the air and will be back soon.