How will the weather be in the New Year and New Year?


Although the pandemic and current regulations prevent celebrating New Year’s Eve as we have done all our lives, it can still be done at home, with family and / or friends – as long as the recommended number of people is respected. But whether it’s for dinner today, or because tomorrow you simply want to enjoy yours taking a walk down the street, knowing the weather is essential. And more with the cold wave that we are going through.

What time will it be tonight when it is time to go home? And tomorrow afternoon? If you want to be informed about where and when it will rain, snow and / or calm down a little this crazy time, here you have a series of apps and websites to see it from your mobile and / or PC.


Of course, the first one we recommend is the AEMET website, the official website of the State Meteorology Agency of the Spanish government. Apart from the multiple services it has, the one that interests us, which is the weather forecast for Spain, covers a total of 9 days. Right now we can check the results for this week, but also the prediction that will cover the rest of the days as they go by.

More based on conjectures and models than on more reliable data due to how quickly the weather changes, although some people consider it a ‘pessimistic’ website in that its chances of rain are usually higher than those of the rest of the pages, the truth is that the AEMET is also often right.


Founded by renowned meteorologists that we have seen on TV for many years, is one of those websites as well raised as it is effective in what we need to know. It has a fast interface and special reports that cover outstanding events, in fact in this link you can read their weather forecasts for the storm. But without a doubt the best thing is to be able to see the real time by entering this link, with the possibility of seeing the prediction model every hour and in a graph to get an idea of ​​how time will move this weekend.

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The website of The Weather Channel or meteorological TV channel, it is an American page but it jumps to us in Spanish. What is surprising about it is that it allows you to know the forecast with meteorological models that range from the weather for the next few hours to within two weeks or even more than a month. For this reason, we can already consult the forecast that will be made until the end of February.

Be careful though, as they are model-based predictions that can change from week to week. And do not be scared with the degrees, since at the beginning they can appear in Fahrenheit and it is enough to change them in the upper toolbar.

Mobile apps

As on other occasions, the smartphone becomes our best ally in the face of this type of service. The AEMET has its own app for Android and iOS, but we also have other interesting ones like AccuWeather, well known and with very precise forecasts to follow the forecast minute by minute if we have a pending trip or simply want to spend the day surviving the thermometer. O 14-day Weather: Meteored, which, as its name suggests, gives us a forecast for the next two weeks.


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