How will the new 217 emoji be? Here are those emojis


New emojis are coming every year. These emojis include expressions such as food and drinks that became popular that year. With this year’s update, masked emojis came and the agenda was caught at this point. Many new emojis are coming and these emojis are introduced to us through the Unicode Consortium. With a few months left to 2021, the emojis that will appear in front of users next year have been announced. What will the new 217 emoji be like?

The new 217 emojis don’t contain much “different” expressions

Unicode Consortium shared new emojis that will appear before users with “Emoji 13.1” in a new blog post. If you are expecting different and interesting or very new emojis, the expectations will be in vain as only 7 of the 217 emojis are made up of emojis we have not seen before. The other 210 emojis include the currently available emojis with different skin color options.

Yeni gelecek 217 emoji-00

There are few different emoji expressions, from the burning heart to the bandaged heart to the bearded woman. These emojis will come in “Emoji 13.1”. The standard version had to be delayed for six months due to the coronavirus. Unicode 14.0 version, which is expected to be released in March 2021, is postponed to September. In fact, it may take up to 2022 for new emojis to appear on the market. Emoji 13.0, on the other hand, is expected to meet users in a few months, although it has not yet reached users.

Yeni gelecek 217 emoji-00

The 7 new emojis in question are as follows: Burning Heart, Healing Heart, Bearded Woman, Bearded Person, Breathing Face, Face Behind the Clouds and The Face with Spiral Eyes.


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