How Will New Characters Affect The Lives of Mel and Jack?


At the end of November, the streaming platform Netflix brought to fan screens season 2 of the romantic drama that has everyone fascinated, Virgin River.

Virgin River fans were impressed when at the end of the second installment Mel found Jack badly injured and lying on the floor of his bar. This scene left viewers wondering who tried to kill Jack.

According to fans, there are many suspects in Virgin River and they all may have their motives for murdering Mel’s love; Although that will only be known when the next episodes of season 3 hit the screens of the fans.

Streaming platform Netflix officially announced last week that Virgin River was renewed for its third season. With the reveal, the inclusion of two new characters to the cast was confirmed, whose actions will have consequences in the next installment.

One of the new actresses to be included in the cast of the third season of Virgin River, is Zibby Allen to play Brie, Jack’s lawyer sister and who is described as a smart and persistent lawyer with whom he has a lot of fun.

But what will this new character mean in Jack’s life? So far at Virgin River Jack has been booked with information about his family; however, now a lawyer appears on the scene. Will you help Jack assert her rights as a father? Will he side with Mel or will he convince Jack to make amends with the mother of his children?

In addition, Stacey Farber also joins the cast of the new season of Virgin River to play Lilly’s daughter, Tara Anderson, who helps her mother raise Chloe in the new episodes.


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