How will Artificial Intelligence be used to improve antivirus?


Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions are increasingly present in our daily lives. Just to give you an idea, a survey carried out by GlobeNewswire reveals that the value of the global AI market will reach an impressive US $ 266.92 billion by 2027. This explosion raises concerns about the safety of users, as they are connected to Internet devices of Things (IoT), will be more vulnerable to virtual traps.

Fortunately, security software is not lagging behind. Companies in the area have also used AI as an ally in the construction of products and are surprising in their actions. Avast says it can block about 2 billion attacks targeting more than 400 million people each month.

Mass processing

According to the company, this is possible thanks to a cloud-based AI system with 11,000 servers. “We check more than 200 billion Internet addresses (URLs) and 300 million new files every month,” he points out. And it is not surprising that so much processing power is needed: the analysis is carried out from a “gigantic database” that has billions of information about changes in malicious codes and the emergence of new ones.

“When someone on the Internet ‘comes into contact’ with an ‘unknown’ file (or website), our layered analysis is triggered. This strategy allows our antivirus to not use more resources than necessary at any given moment,” says Avast, providing micro-updates every 5 or 7 minutes to all consumers.

However, it is not just in terms of quantity that AI can improve its antivirus.

Real-time defense

In the case of Avast, real-time protection is guaranteed by what the company calls CyberCapture, an evolution of sandbox technology, a protected environment in which everything is isolated, without affecting other parts of the computer. It works in the cloud as an intelligent file scanner, isolating suspects in a safe environment and automatically establishing a communication channel with the Threat Laboratory for immediate analysis.

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“This technology allows us to recognize new phishing sites in seconds, protecting users on all platforms (Windows, Mac and Android)”, declares the company.

So, when it comes to enjoying the benefits that AI has brought and will bring, keep in mind that its security is guaranteed by companies committed to this mission and present even in apparently simple actions, such as accessing an unknown and potentially interesting website.


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