How Wendy Williams Allegedly Received Support from Nick Cannon After the cancellation of Her Talk Show


The last few months have been stressful in the world of daytime talk shows. The Ellen DeGeneres show ended after 19 seasons. Meanwhile, shows such as The Wendy Williams Show, The Real and Nick Cannon’s self-titled recording have been canceled. In Williams’ case, the invited hosts temporarily filled in for him for some time, as the namesake was reportedly struggling with health and financial problems. It seemed that the patience of her production company had run out, but the star allegedly received a lot of support from a firing colleague and a longtime friend of Cannon after the cancellation.

The infamous participant of “Hot Topics” in her timeslot is replaced by none other than Sherry Shepard, who often replaced the temporary presenter. Lionsgate Debmar-Mercury company continued this step by refusing to participate Wendy Williams in the finale of her show. (Instead, the producers used a tribute video.) Nick Cannon’s show was hosted by the same company, and according to a Page Six source, he allegedly didn’t like the way he and Williams were treated. In addition, it is said that a Wild ‘N Out graduate opposed Shepard’s appointment:

Nick Cannon wouldn’t support her because of Wendy’s loyalty. He wasn’t happy with how they treated him, and how they suddenly canceled his show, pushed everyone out of there and took their computers and other shit.

Nick Cannon’s first season was broadcast on YouTube and also aired on television after the Wendy Williams timeslot. The source claimed Cannon felt “indebted” to Williams, whose faith in him reportedly led to the creation of his own talk show. However, it is obvious that Debmar-Mercury relied too much on attracting the remaining audience from TWWS and The Real to “raise Nick’s numbers”, and as a result “they failed miserably”.

However, another insider of the publication refutes the insinuations about the alleged loyalty of The Masked Singer to Wendy Williams. On the assumption that he will not support Sherry Shepherd as a replacement, they say that this is completely “untrue.” In fact, according to them, he has obviously “always been a professional in business and entertainment” in his relationship with BTS.

Initial reports indicated that the syndicated talk show was only supposed to be on a five-week hiatus so that Nick Cannon could take up his other filming duties (“The Masked Singer” and “Wild N Out”). In the end, however, there was talk of a sudden change of plans for Debmar-Mercury, which led to the complete closure of the series, and the crew received severance pay. For his part, Cannon thought after the cancellation that he understood the “business” reasons for canceling the talk show after one season, adding that he was, in fact, just going with the flow of change.

The Drumline actor has a lot more going on anyway, besides the fact that he is supposedly going to fight against Sherry Shepherd acting as a presenter, including a lot of children he has helped conceive with different women lately. (At last count, his ninth child is due later this year.) In tandem, the media personality was forced to abandon some of his statements about his desire to return his ex-wife Mariah Carey.

But back to Wendy Williams. There was a lot of criticism from both fans and Williams’ ex-husband for the fact that the finale of her series handled the situation poorly, not including her in the plans. Williams weighed in in an interview with The New York Post. She told them she didn’t like “anything” about the supposed homage to her work on the series. Moreover, she confirmed the suggestion that she hadn’t even received an invitation from Debmar-Mercury for the last performance, saying that her reaction to watching it play out from her living room was pretty much “Hey!”

To add another insult to the injury, as she prepares for her post-talk show future, Williams’ fans have received bad news. Recently, her former show was almost completely erased from the Internet airwaves, as if it did not really exist… Eh, really. Nevertheless, Nick Cannon and Sherry Shepherd seem to be doing well: the 8th season of “The Masked Singer” and the first season of “Sherry” are scheduled for an autumn premiere in the TV schedule of 2022.