How weighed! Anastasiya Kvitko shines her heavy toy over there


Eye to your rear! The spectacular Russian model Anastasiya Kvitko has shown for Christmas everything that had not been seen before and … shines in the dark!

90-60-90 could well be the measures of the attractive model or also the sequence of times that has left each and every one of its millions of followers breathless.

What a curve! Just take a look at your social networks, especially Instagram, just to see the pasta from which it is made, a unique paste. Its immense contours in which its outstanding rearguard stands out have captivated more than ten million people worldwide. In his last inns he is more ardent than normal, displaying his curves with all the naturalness of the world to the delight of his fans.

Speechless! The modeling industry has gained beauty, attractiveness, glamor and sensuality with the hiring of this 25-year-old Russian model. With much to prove yet, one of the great mysteries about Anastasika Kvitko is the true measure of her figure, which she has been in charge of spreading for all her fans, leaving them impressed with her near-perfect measures.

With these measures so rampant, the Russian model has managed to match the size XXL that only housed celebrities so renowned and sensual, the most divas of the pink press that today captivates millions of followers, Kim Kardashian and Demi Rose. On some occasions it has been the pants, but now it has been his forward that has played a good pass to his millions of fans who will start the year without being able to get these images out of his head.

And how we like that these types of models dare to teach everything without taking into account what others may think. Of course, we will thank you forever to start 2020 in the best possible way.


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