How was Linda able to protect her job and career?


Lucifer fans are still unsure how Dr. Linda Martin (Rachael Harris) was able to keep her therapist license after some tinkering in season two.

Her methods were criticized by the Board of Review in a key story from season two of Lucifer, raising alarms that she might be on the verge of losing her career.

While Lucifer fans have inferred all sorts of explanations from the fierce bounty hunter’s persuasion methods, how Maze managed to convince the board to sweep the incident under the rug has yet to be confirmed.

A confused viewer recently posed the question, exposing a glaring hole in the plot of Lucifer’s second season that has yet to be resolved.

The same Lucifer fanatic who is surprised that we never knew what he did to fix it or if he was close to suffering some future consequence that would not allow him to work.

This comment made an appropriate point that sometimes the audience’s imagination of Lucifer is often far better than what might have been an unnecessary scene.

They also referenced a particularly dark moment in the final season of Lucifer, in which he tortured the fake Whisper Killer Les Klumpsky (David Figlioli) in a confession.

Once again, Lucifer fans prove that when it comes to Mazikeen, it is often best not to ask because there are several surprises and not all of them very pleasant.

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