How “Very Strange Things” produced disturbing effects in the deaths in Vecna, according to the lead editor of sound effects


There are spoilers ahead for Vol. 1 of season 4 of “Very Strange Things” on Netflix.

If any of the fans of “Very Strange Cases” doubted that after the terrible and deadly first three seasons, the series could become even darker, then the first volume of the fourth season must have been a rude awakening for them. The new villain Vecna (whose image was inspired by the King of the Night from “Game of Thrones”) does not even need to leave the Inside to kill his victims, torturing them mentally, using his powers to break their bones, gouge out their eyes, and brutally kill them to create a gate in Hawkins. Sound played a big role in the transmission of the horror of death, and the editor-in-chief of sound effects Angelo Palazzo revealed the amazing sources of disturbing sounds.

Angelo Palazzo spoke to CinemaBlend about the fourth season, sharing delightfully unexpected sources of Demo-Bat sounds. However, not everything this season was delightful for the characters of “Very Strange Cases”, as I noted that the subtitles included audio descriptions, including “breaking bones” and “wet squelching”. The lead sound effects editor told how the team found the right sounds for Vecna’s deaths, saying:

We went through several iterations with the bones. I made early recordings with this, where I — as I said before, I always try to start with real organic sounds that are familiar to us, but I make them this way, and I present it in a completely foreign context, so it registers anyway. So I made a whole stringy cabbage record where I twisted vegetables. I would also wrap them in a damp cloth to make it sound like your skin and bones are breaking under your skin. So I made a whole series of celery, pepper, cabbage. Cabbage was one of the best because it sounds like tendons.

Will anyone else look at their vegetables a little differently after learning that one of Netflix’s biggest shows used the products to create some of the scariest sound effects? Apparently, cabbage is a great option for the sounds of bones breaking under the skin when wrapped in wet cloth and twisting, not to mention the sound of tendons. Fans may not have been thinking about cabbage, celery or pepper when they watched characters like Chrissy die their horrible deaths (or feared that Max would suffer the same fate when she was caught by Vecna), but the sound command unexpectedly scared.

However, it wasn’t just cabbage, and the clicking sounds came from different vegetables. Angelo Palazzo went on to explain the sources of the sound of Vecna’s murders and even admitted that the end result was “disturbing.” He said:

But then there were a lot of carrots and celery for bone fractures. I just created a huge library with a bunch of new blood and stuff like that. Then it was a process of just very hard processing and processing so that it was very aggressive and disturbing, because when I first saw this scene… I was alarmed. I thought: “That’s where we’re going! Good!’

Concern over the deaths in the show, which has been running for three full seasons, is a sign of the excellent work of the sound department, and Angelo Palazzo showed a creative approach to creating a new library of dried blood. For all the people who have been killed over the years in this series, none of them have ever died like those killed by Vecna, starting with Chrissy. In addition, Palazzo made it clear that working on “Very Strange Cases” was fun, although disturbing. He clarified:

I mean, it’s fun for a sound effects editor [and] a sound engineer. It’s a blast to create these sounds, edit them and use them. There were a lot of them this season, especially with all the vines in the house of Creel and Vecne. If you notice, his body always moves slippery, slimy. We did a ton of this early on. It was a lot of fun with the bats. It was a pleasure to work with a completely new creature.

Overall, Vecna was a terrifying successor to last season’s villains like Mind Catcher and Demogorgon. He even has a scary origin story, as he was once a human before the young Eleven banished him the Other way after he killed almost everyone in Hawkins’ lab as One. Prosthetic makeup artist Barry Gower explained the process of turning actor Jamie Campbell Bower into Vecna with the help of practical effects, and the finished product is enough to make fans very worried about Nancy while waiting for Vol. 2.

Fortunately, waiting Vol. The second season of the series “Very strange things” (opens in a new tab) is quite short compared to the expectation of the fourth season after the release of the third season in 2019. Netflix subscribers can watch the last two episodes of the fourth season starting on Friday, July 1, at 12:01 a.m. Pacific Time on the streaming service.