How Tyler Perry Once Became the Messiah for the Homeless Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


A lot has happened since Harry and Meghan abandoned their high royal duties and left the royal castle and the family living in it. The two of them gave a candid interview with Oprah, which scored 17.81 million views on CBS alone, released their Netflix documentary, which again became a revelation, and also bought a house for almost $ 15 million in the sunny city of California.

Let’s not forget about the constant attacks on social networks that they had to face in between. However, life didn’t always consist of sunny beaches and a $15 million house for a couple. It used to be a frosty London winter, and before that it was a Nottingham cottage with ten bedrooms. But in the midst of this flamboyant extravagance, there was a time when Harry and Meghan had to live in a friend’s house after technically becoming homeless after megzit.

Why are Harry and Meghan homeless?

The question itself sounds like a multi-layered blow to the royal family for treating Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as “spare.” But this is not the case. The former Duke and Duchess of Sussex found themselves in a homeless situation when, after leaving the royal family in 2020, they were informed in a short time that their protection had been taken away.

“A short notice that security will be removed,” writer Speira told Oprah. Initially, the couple moved to Canada after leaving, but due to the fact that the paparazzi leaked their address, they had to move out quickly.

To make matters worse, a pandemic has just broken out, driving everyone inside with a global lockdown. Now homeless and in custody, Harry and Meghan were gripped by panic before Tyler Perry came to the rescue.

Tyler Perry sheltered the royal couple

Tyler Perry may never have played a superhero in DC or Marvel, but for Harry and Meghan, he will always remain a superhero. The actor invited the couple to his home in Southern California. Perry even arranged security for the couple. Then, just after learning how to become “financially independent,” Harry and Meghan lived there with Archie for almost three months.

However, Perry wasn’t always the giver in their equation. Back in early 2021, when there was a shortage of baby food, there was another superhero in history. Tyler Perry and Meghan Markle prove that a friend in trouble is really a friend.

Did you know that Harry and Meghan lived in Tyler Perry’s house for several months? Let us know in the comments below.


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