How to write animated texts in Instagram Stories


Instagram now allows you to display stories from the stories in an animated way. Each font available on the social network has a different animation, which varies between moving up and down on the screen, appearing suddenly or appearing as typing writing. However, it is necessary to activate the option for the words to appear in motion, otherwise they will be published in standard static form.

Check out, in the following tutorial, how to write animated texts in Instagram Stories. It is worth mentioning that the network resources tend to be gradually released and the function may not be available to some users yet.

  • Step 1. Open the Stories camera and capture the photo or video normally. Then, touch the “Aa” icon to add text;
  • Step 2. After writing the text, touch the moving “A” icon in the top menu. The text will be animated immediately;
  • Step 3. Use the font menu to choose the style you want and view the different possible animations;
  • Step 4. At the end of the edits, publish your Story as usual.


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