How to Watch The TV Series Gigion and Nico “The Biggest Threat” on YouTube


YouTube stars Gigion and Niko Omilana worked together to create a game show with practical jokes, which will appear on the network very soon. Here’s how to tune in.

JiDion is known for making jokes from time to time — in fact, that’s a big part of why he’s a major internet star. The YouTuber was even banned from participating in major sporting events, such as the US Open, for cutting his hair while playing tennis.

Nico is another wide—ranging online presence who has made a name for himself by sneaking into major events like the KSI boxing match, stealing a painting next to the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, and even running for mayor of London.

Together, these two pranksters have gained a whopping 13 million subscribers… but their reign on the internet is far from over.

On March 21, the couple announced that they are working on a massive prank, which is broadcast exclusively on YouTube, in which they confront each other to pull off some of the wildest pranks imaginable.

What is the “Biggest Threat” of Gigi and Niko?

The duo’s new series is called “The Biggest Threat.” In the show, Gigi and Nico will compete with each other to pull off the wildest prank they can, in an attempt to earn the title of “the biggest threat”.

How to watch “The Biggest Threat”

Fans can watch the new influencer show exclusively on Nico’s official YouTube channel.

The release of the first episode is scheduled for Sunday, March 26, at 20:00 GMT / 15:00 Eastern time / 12:00 Pacific time.

Two YouTubers said that they “literally broke the bank” to make their show, and Niko said that the series was created for almost a year.

This marks another important step for online content creators: YouTube star Markiplier recently released his Emmy-nominated interactive series “In Space with Markiplier”, and the long-awaited Creator Clash 2 event is approaching in April.


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