How to watch the rare conjunction of planets this weekend


From this Friday (8), it will be possible to follow with the naked eye a rare conjunction between Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn throughout the weekend. The event follows the Great Conjunction – as the maximum approximation between Jupiter and Saturn is called – which took place in December 2020 and can be seen early in the evening, with the best view expected for this Saturday (9).

To follow the event, just keep an eye on the sky: during the next nights, Mercury will appear in the lowest position among the three, while Jupiter will be the brightest and Saturn the darkest. Although it is possible to observe the conjunction without the need for equipment, a binocular or telescope is recommended for the best observation of the planets.

Another important tip is to be prepared at sunset and take advantage of the first hour of the evening to observe the trio, as Mercury and Saturn quickly disappear below the horizon. However, the darker sky will favor the observation of Jupiter and its moons, if a telescope is available.

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