How to watch the Champions League game live


Lyon and Bayern Munich face each other in today’s Champions League game. Watching the match live is possible through Facebook Watch, Facebook’s video platform.

The broadcast of the semifinals of the European Champions League is free and takes place through the Interactive Sport channel. The winner goes to the grand final, next Sunday (23) and will face PSG, who beat RB Leipezig yesterday (18) by 3 x 0, in Lisbon, Portugal. The scheduled time for the game to start is at 16:00, but the transmission on Facebook of Esporte Interativo begins at 14:20. After beating Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals, Bayern Munich face Lyon, who eliminated favorites Manchester City.

The game between Bayern Munich and Lyon can be watched on the PC, on the web version of Facebook, and on Android and iPhone phones (iOS), through the social network application. In addition, Facebook Watch also has apps for Apple TV (fourth and fifth generation) and support for some Smart TV models. Next, check out how to watch the match between Lyon and Bayern Munich, in the Champions League semifinals, live and online.

How to watch the Lyon vs Bayern Munich match live and online via computer

Step 1. Open Facebook and click on the search bar in the upper left corner of the screen;

Step 2. Type “Interactive Sport” and press the “Enter” button on your computer keyboard to start the search;

Step 3. Click on the channel description to view the complete content of the page;

Step 4. Go to the “Live” tab to view the schedule with the next events to be broadcast;

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Step 5. Click on the “Receive reminder” button next to the game description. Once this is done, you will receive an alert as soon as the Esporte Interativo channel starts broadcasting the match.


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