How To Watch Sports On TV With More Quality?


Sport is a passion that brings together and mobilizes people from all over the world. For us Brazilians, this emotion is even stronger, as sport is closely linked to our culture.

And we’re not just talking about football. Our gigantic country has a wide variety of sports in the hearts of fans, such as volleyball, gymnastics, basketball, swimming, canoeing, taekwondo and many others. But what does all this have to do with technology.

We know that the best way to cheer for the country is through a display that features pure and vibrant colors (as much as the fans themselves). And we, passionate about technology, know exactly where to find these characteristics.


Sports with more than 1 billion pure colors

Have you ever imagined watching an auto race, volleyball match or performance of artistic gymnastics on a real 8K TV? What if this television has a display with Nanocell technology capable of generating more than 1 billion pure colors?

That’s exactly what LG’s 8K Nanocell smart TVs offer. To cheer with all the passion that the emotion of the sport calls for, nothing better than having the best quality with regard to the display. You will see a real green grass, a swimming pool with magnificent blue and blocks with true colors.

Even “less colorful” sports will take advantage of these televisions. In fencing or in the various fighting modalities, where there is a great predominance of black color, this 8K Nanocell TV from LG is capable of emitting truly dark tones – and not that whitish black that we find in other TVs.

That’s when Full Array Local Dimming technology shines – really. This technology is capable of generating deep black tones and fine details in the images thanks to the ability to illuminate and darken specific points on the display.

So if you want to have the most colorful and faithful experience possible to watch your favorite sports, LG Nanocell 8K smart TVs are the right choice.


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