How to Watch “Skinamarink” Online in the UK


The experimental horror film Skinamarink, which has been called the “scariest” film ever made, is due to be released next month – here’s how you can watch it in the UK.

This film is an exception in terms of money that is usually spent on Hollywood, and is an independent release by Canadian director, screenwriter and producer Kyle Edward Ball. It is believed that the creation of the film cost only $ 15,000 (£12,000).

Skinamarink follows two young children, played by Lucas Paul and Kayleigh Dali Rose Tetro, who wake up in the middle of the night to find that their father is no longer at home, and the doors and windows in the house are disappearing. The children realize that an ominous presence is watching them.

The film is already being compared to David Lynch’s respected Eraser Head, and reviews are now calling Skinamarink “the scariest movie of all time.”

For fans brave enough to check it out, the premiere of the film is scheduled for “Shiver” next week — Thursday, February 2.

Inverse also described it as “the most sinister and frankly sinister story filmed in a long time.” Meanwhile, Variety stated that a “sinister entity” is at work in the film, concluding: “What happens in the Skinamarine creeps up on you so quietly that you’re not just scared; you believe.”

However, those who want a direct horror experience may not want to watch this movie because of the shooting style based on found footage. Bloody Disgusting has previously hinted at this, commenting that while it “strikes unnerving terror” into some viewers, “others will find it too impenetrable to engage in combat.”


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