How to Watch KSI’s Amazon Prime Documentary: Release Date and More


YouTube star KSI wrote the music for his own documentary on Amazon Prime, executive produced by BAFTA winner Louis Theroux. Here’s everything you need to know about this upcoming document.

KSI is more than a top—level authority. The YouTuber, who boasts 39 million subscribers on two channels, is also an up-and-coming rapper and budding professional boxer.

This summer he will return to the ring against an as yet unnamed opponent… but he will also make his debut in another place, in a completely different area.

The British Internet star has written the music for a documentary that will be released on Amazon Prime later this year under the direction of BAFTA Award-winning British-American journalist and director Louis Theroux.

When will KSI’s Amazon Prime documentary be released?
KSI’s Amazon Prime documentary will be released on January 26, 2023.

Initially, the series was shown in September 2021, that is, the release took place almost a year and a half after its initial disclosure.

The documentary will last 90 minutes and will premiere exclusively on Amazon Prime in 240 countries — so don’t despair if you’re not in the UK!

What is the KSI Amazon Prime documentary about?

According to a press release and a recent interview, the upcoming KSI documentary will tell about the YouTube blogger during his sold-out European music tour, as well as other important moments for the star (including participation in his therapy sessions).

It’s unclear whether this documentary includes his boxing match or not, but it promises to show a more personal side of the celebrity’s social media life.

“I’m very excited that people will finally see what I mean by ‘hard work,'” KSI said of the document in a press release. “People will see behind the scenes of key events in my life and show them how I do everything I do.”

This isn’t the first documentary about KSI; in 2018, the star was at the center of a documentary called “Can’t Lose” before his viral boxing match against Logan Paul.

Although this document has been available on multiple platforms, its upcoming feature will be exclusive to Amazon.


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