How to watch Hulu streaming in Brazil?

Competitor of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Paramount + and other streaming services, Hulu is a paid platform that offers content on demand (series, films, documentaries, animations etc.) and also dozens of live channels, including sports broadcasts , news, and more, depending on the package.

Launched in 2008 in the United States, it did not have an international expansion as the main rivals, arriving only in Japan a few years later, but with a different catalog from that offered to the Americans.

For those who are not in these territories, watching Hulu is a very complicated task, as there is a geographical block made by the company, making it impossible for those who do not live in the USA or Japan.

Despite this, there is a way to try to circumvent the blockade to watch Hulu in Brazil, accessing the contents of the American version of the service even though it is out of the country. Want to know how to do it? Follow the tips below!

Choose a VPN

As with other sites and blocked content in Brazil, the best alternative to access Hulu is to use a virtual private network (VPN), a tool capable of creating a secure network, in which data travels protected by encryption, avoiding its identification .

In other words, the VPN will camouflage your IP address, allowing you to surf anonymously to access blocked sites in Brazil, as is the case with the famous streaming platform belonging to Disney, connecting to a US server, as if you were over there.

There are several options for free VPN, with some limitations, and there is also the paid service, more complete. According to reports from users who tried to watch Hulu with the tools available for free, access was not allowed, making it necessary to resort to a paid VPN.

In this case, the solution is to test access to the platform using some free VPNs, to try to find one compatible with the service, or to invest in a VPN that is not blocked by Hulu, among the paid options.

Set your payment method

Hulu currently has four monthly plan options, including one for students. In the basic package, with ads, the price is US $ 5.99, while the option without ads costs US $ 11.99 and the version “Hulu + Live TV”, which includes more than 60 live channels, comes out at US $ 64.99. The subscription fee for university students is US $ 1.99 in the basic plan.

In all alternatives, it is possible to try the service for free for 30 days, except in the most expensive plan, whose tasting period is limited to seven days. Subscribers can create up to six profiles on the platform and access the service simultaneously on two devices.

After choosing the best plan, we will define the form of payment. Users in Brazil have two possibilities: paying with a credit or debit card or using a gift card. In the first option, it is necessary to have a card with a US address and one of the accepted flags.

If this is not your case, it is worth investing in the gift card, available on the PayPal + Hulu website. Check the “This is for me” alternative, choose the desired amount (US $ 25 or US $ 50) and make the payment with your PayPal account, to receive the gift card by e-mail.


Now, it’s time to create a Hulu account. First, redeem Hulu’s gift card on the streaming service’s gift card page – you need to enter the code received by email, after purchase, to activate it.

Then, go to the Hulu website, choose the plan you want and create your account. In one of the registration steps, you will have to enter a five-digit US zip code (zip code) to confirm the account. You can use any valid US zip code.

After completing the registration, connect your VPN to an American server to see Hulu in Brazil, using the official website or the application compatible with various platforms and devices (Android, iOS, consoles, TVs, etc.). The subscription remains active until the value of the gift card is used up and to renew it you must purchase another card or add a new payment method.

It is worth mentioning that access can be blocked if the platform identifies a connection outside the American territory. If this happens, the subscriber will need to test another server on the same VPN or connect using a new provider.



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