How to watch 60 Starlink satellites launch today (17)


SpaceX will launch on Thursday (17) the last batch of its Starlink satellites. The target takeoff time will occur at 15h 19m, in Brasília time. The launch will take place at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, with a backup option, in case of any impediment due to weather or other problems, for tomorrow at 14h 57m.

With today’s launch, SpaceX’s operational Starlink satellite constellation will receive 60 new “stars”, totaling 500 units circulating around the planet. In parallel, billionaire Elon Musk’s aerospace company conducts private beta tests of its internet service for high-speed, low-latency consumers.

The SpaceX constellation

SpaceX’s goal is to offer download speeds of 1 Gb / s, with a latency below 20 ms. The company is preparing to launch an open beta later this year. Logically, these ambitious numbers should only be reached when most Starlink satellites are operating.

Today’s launch includes the use of an old acquaintance: the two-stage Falcon9 rocket, named after Hans Solo’s epic spacecraft, which has been used previously, including on the Demo-2 Crew Dragon mission, the company’s first test with transport of human astronauts.

Launch details and how to watch it live

Falcon9 is the only reusable rocket in the history of space exploration. When such a module is launched into space, the two parts separate, but the first stage returns, and lands, with the beak up, on a mobile platform installed in the ocean. For those who watch, there are two emotions: the takeoff and landing of the first stage.

The live broadcast will start about 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time, that is, around 15h 04m, Brasília time. This is the broadcast link on YouTube.


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