How to Vote on Love Island 2023: Winter Season Guide


Love Island in the UK returns in its winter 2023 series with a new cast looking for love — here’s everything you need to know about voting on Love Island in 2023.

The series “Love Island” in the UK in the winter of 2023 is in full swing, and episodes are released almost daily that tell about the events at the villa.

In addition to simply observing the daily affairs of the islanders, fans of the show can also participate in various votes. The biggest aspect of participation is elimination, as fans get to vote for their favorite contestants or couples in the show, with the least popular facing elimination.

If you want to leave your mark on this season of Love Island, here’s how to vote!

How to vote on Love Island in the UK

To vote for Love Island, you will need to use the Love Island app on your mobile device.

  • Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play store.
  • Download the Love Island app.
  • Use your Apple ID or similar to authenticate the device.
  • Open the Love Island app.
  • Cast your vote!
  • The Love Island app is available for iOS 9 and later, as well as for Android 4.4.x and later.

Voting on Love Island via the app is free, but it’s worth noting that some votes will only last about 15-30 minutes, so it’s important to pay attention to episodes as they come out and act quickly if you want to express your opinion. the events of the show.


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