How to view saved passwords on Android


Now more than ever from the simplest thing to have a secure password on the home router. Thanks to a QR code, it is possible to store a long password of alternate alphanumeric characters on your device that you can even share with a nearby device.

It is true that having a mobile with these characteristics is very simple, but the reality is that there are still users who need to enter the password. Therefore, if you do not want to turn the router around, we will tell you how to see the WiFi passwords saved in your Android terminal.

How to view saved WiFi passwords on your mobile

The WiFi password is the most coveted thing when you enter a house. Nor does it hurt to ask for it in those sites where with a small consumption they offer you the possibility of browsing without spending data. But sometimes if someone close to you has the password saved for the site, you can ask them to show it to you with this trick to see the passwords of the connected points on your Android mobile.

Here we tell you how to do it and you will see that it is a very simple task and with which you will help many. These are the steps:

wifi android

  • Go to Settings> Network> Internet.
  • Find the WiFi network you are connected to
  • Click on the gear you have and from there click on Share
  • Touch Share.

Here you will have several things in view, including a QR Code and the code

There are a few things you should know once you get to this point and that is that the best option is the QR code. At least it is the most comfortable, since you cannot copy the password to the clipboard and you will have to dictate it anyway. The other thing you should know is that this function is available only for those devices that have Android 10 as a base, regardless of the customization layer.

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Another important point is that the password cannot always appear unless you are close to the access point. That is, you need to be close to the router to see any of the passwords that you have saved on your Android mobile. In this way, certain security is preserved so that no one has all the access points in the world at will.


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