How to view all the information Facebook has saved


On numerous occasions we have seen how Facebook has been singled out for collecting too much data from users and even sharing certain information with third parties. Since Mark Zuckerberg’s men bought the WhatsApp messaging app, the app itself has also been linked to these practices. Recently, we have seen the excitement that has been formed by the decision to share certain information with Facebook or that data can be collected to show users personalized advertising. If you want to know what Facebook saves from you, we show you the steps to follow to see exactly what it saves and how to download all this information on your PC.

There are many people who worry about their privacy on the Internet, however, most users do not usually worry about all the information that certain sites like Facebook can save about themselves. However, due to the large amount of news that emphasizes how important it is to ensure privacy on the Internet, more and more people are concerned about knowing the information that some social networks have about them, such as the case of Facebook.

On this occasion, we can not only see and review everything that it saves from us, but it is also possible to download it to our PC to be able to review it with confidence. To do this, the first thing we have to do is open a window of our favorite web browser and log into our Facebook account.

Discover everything that Facebook saves from users

Once this is done, we click on the tab that appears in the upper right part of the home page, we enter Settings and privacy and then Settings. This will take us to the general configuration page of the account where we will find a menu on the left side. That is where we have to look for the option Your Facebook information and click on it.

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In the central part of the page a series of options will appear, among which we find, Access your information. If we click on it, we will be able to see all the information that Facebook saves about us organized by categories, publications, comments, photos, videos, friends, reactions, information from our profile and a long etcetera.

We can always consult all this information whenever we want from this option in the configuration menu, but if we want to save it on our computer, then we can download it. To do this, among the options within the Your Facebook information menu, we must find and select the option Download your information.

This will show us a page where all the categories in which the social network classifies our data will be shown. There we will be able to mark those that interest us, we can even filter by a specific date range. At the top of the list, we also find other settings to indicate the file format and the quality of the multimedia content. With everything configured to our liking, the only thing left is to click on the Create file button.

It is important to know that downloading our information is a password-protected process that only we ourselves will have access to. Once generated, the copy will be available for download for a few days.


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