How to View a Recording on iPhone and iPad


Do you want to record your favorite game on the screen or take a clip from a YouTube video to share with your friends? Here’s how on iPhone and iPad.

Using the screen recording feature on iOS is very simple: just drag and touch the screen to do it.

Screen recording can be used to create content for the internet, capture gameplay, or even save those precious jokes that are sent to you via Snapchat. In any case, Apple made it very simple.

Add Screen Recording to iOS Control Center

Pull down from the right corner and check if your phone has a screen recording icon in the Control Center. If it’s not there, we can change it now.

Close the Control Center and drag it down from the main screen. This will bring up the search bar where we can click in the “control center” to go to the correct settings page. Here you can add or remove various functions from the menu. Find the screen recording and add it to the shortcuts list.

How to Record an iPhone screen

Open the Control Center again and tap the newly placed screen recording function. It will start counting down from three and then start capturing until you hit “Stop”.

A stop on a Dynamic Island will be available on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. You can tap and hold the island to bring up the quick stop menu and save the footage.

For older phones and the regular iPhone 14, just drag the Control Center again and click “Stop”. After that, the footage will be saved in the photo library.

Pay attention:

Everything you shoot will be fullscreen on your phone, as well as any notifications. If you want to avoid this, turn on the “Do not Disturb” or “Focus” mode while recording. It will also be shot with an aspect ratio similar to the device.

On the iPad, this actually means an aspect ratio of 4:3, and on the iPhone, an approximate aspect ratio of 16:9 or, technically speaking, an aspect ratio of 19:5.

Can you capture Netflix with iPhone screen recording?

You won’t be able to hijack Netflix or any other copyrighted content, however you can hijack YouTube. Everything related to the streaming service will show a black screen.

Installation of game clips

For those who create game content, you should ignore the video editing software when it asks if you want to change the resolution of the video. Stick to the traditional 16:9 format and edit around it. Reduce the size of the video on the screen and add a shadow as well as a background to match the YouTube recommendations.

Enable/Disable microphone

If you tap and hold the icon in the Control Center, you will get some options for where the screen recording will go, as well as the ability to control the microphone, where you can turn it on or off.

Live streaming on TikTok, Twitch and other platforms with iOS screen recording function
Again, as with microphone control, you can tap and hold the icon to select where you want to send your video. For example, if you are logged into the Twitch app, it will start live streaming directly to it. If you can stream on TikTok, that will go there too. You can only broadcast to one location.


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