How to use YouTube’s sleep-friendly feature?


YouTube introduced the important feature for sleep patterns to users. However, many users continue to use the application unaware of the existence of this feature. In this article, we will tell you about the sleep assist feature of video and music service.

An important part of today is spent in front of computers, phones and televisions. Not satisfied with this, we use a phone in our bed before we go to sleep. Usually focused on social media and video, this “last look” is the worst enemy of sleep. Because eyes in need of sleep are exposed to close phone light, which brings important problems.

Sleep feature for YouTube users

On YouTube, users can control the time spent watching YouTube in the “Watch time” section. On this page, values ​​such as video viewing time for the last 7 days and daily video viewing time show itself. To go to this section, it is necessary to touch the profile section at the top right on mobile devices.

There is a “Let you manage the time you spend on YouTube” tab for watching videos before sleep, which is a problem for many people. Here, there is a notification setting for uninterrupted video watching during the day. If users have been watching videos for a long time without realizing it, they can use this feature. The name of the feature shows itself as “Remind me to stop watching the video”. When this setting is touched, the section called “Reminder frequency” opens. Here, users can set the time they set and receive notifications that they are immersed in watching videos. It is possible to state that this feature will contribute positively to the battery usage of the phone. Because most of the battery usage of smartphones is for the screen brightness.

After this setting option comes the YouTube sleep feature, which is the subject of our article. This feature will benefit users who want quality sleep after looking at screens until late at night. Users will show their time zones as sleep time. When users tap the “Remind time to sleep” tab, “Show reminders at this time.” part shows itself. Here, you can see the specified times to show the warning to the user. Those who wish can create awareness by entering their sleeping hours here.

In addition to this setting, the possibility of coinciding with the set time was also considered during video viewing. It is possible for users to be notified by stopping the video when the sleep time comes. However, it is possible to get a sleep reminder at the end of the video. To do this, “Wait for the video to finish to show the reminder.” It is necessary to touch the option.

You can also use the YouTube sleep feature setting to alert yourself before sleeping at night. It is worth noting that the blue light coming from the phone screens, especially at night, negatively affects the sleep quality.


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