How to use your LUMIX camera as a Webcam


Many may have already forgotten that cameras exist as such outside of the back of a mobile phone. There are still manufacturers that make camcorders and SLRs for photography and video lovers. In fact, there are still those who bet on these peripherals and there are companies that want to give them a second life, such as Panasonic, where you can use your LUMIX camera as a webcam.

How to use your LUMIX DSLR as a webcam

A few years ago everyone wanted to have a webcam at home. The goal was to meet friends and family through messaging apps such as Messenger. But time passes and the different communication peripherals adopt functions with which you no longer need this type of device. The clearest example is smartphones, which have a front camera to take photos and also videos.

But a SLR camera is good for taking very good snapshots and videos, but the interesting thing is that Panasonic has managed to make its LUMIX cameras work as a webcam. The quality it will provide will be as good as the camera you use, but for that you will need to download the program that allows you to synchronize your camera with your computer. On the Panasonic website you will find this program that is compatible with both Windows and Apple machines.

Once installed the process will be very simple. You must connect the camera in USB mode and when you connect it through the USB port of the PC, it will recognize it instantly. You will only have to go to the video conferencing application that you are going to use and select the camera as the predefined webcam. You will have the option to manage some values ​​with which to improve or treat the image so that it looks good at the time of its activation. Remember that a SLR camera can manually move the focus or put it on automatic if you are going to move.

Other firms have made the same change

Using your LUMIX camera as a webcam is a breakthrough for all users of this type of device. But for them it is a more than expected function since those of the competition have been with this feature in operation for months as is the case with Canon that came out at least six months ago. The important thing in these cases is that the function is finally here and, as is the case, the software is free so that everyone will benefit from the function without problems.


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