How to Use The Organizze App to Control Finances

Organizze is an expense management application that promises the user more control over their financial life. Among the platform’s countless features and possibilities, the user can record expenses and expenses, credit card bills, balance and transactions in bank accounts, as well as view the balance of the month through graphs and reports.

Now that you know Organizze, learn how to use it on Android and iOS devices, as well as the desktop version. Below, check out the complete walkthrough.

How to use Organizze?

Mobile version

Step 1. To use Organizze on your cell phone, the first step is to open Baixaki or the app store on your cell phone and download it. Then, register or log in to your account;

Step 2: Perform the introduction of the application, informing the requested data, or click on skip, if you prefer. Then, click on “Start using”;

Step 3: On the main page of the app, click on the “+” button, located at the bottom of the screen. With this, you can add an expense, a revenue or even register a transfer;

Step 4: Again, from the main page, it is possible to access the “Reports” menu, by clicking on the graph icon. In this section, you will find a breakdown of your finances over the months. It is even possible to detail consumption by clicking on a certain category;

Step 5: To check the app notifications, just click on the bell icon in the upper right corner of the screen. If you want to create financial goals, click on the target symbol, also located at the bottom of the screen. This action will open the “Goals” menu.

Step 6: To access other resources, return to the home screen and click on the space dedicated to the account photo. In this tab, it is possible to configure your data, bank accounts, credit cards, categories and tags created. On the page, you can also subscribe to paid plans and call the app’s Help Center.

It is worth noting that the tutorial images were taken from an iPhone. Despite this, the walkthrough also applies to Android devices, since the differences between the versions are not significant.



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