How to use the internal search engines of iOS 14

We have been talking about iOS for 14 months, not only about the arrival of the operating system, but also about all the news it includes. And it is that Appleā€™s operating system has brought great news in this version, plus all those that are to come in the future with subsequent updates. One of the features that are already in operation comes from the hand of the iOS 14 search engines that are very useful.

The new internal search engines in iOS 14

It is the most common to look for what you need or want to find out about. The Internet is for that, offering the possibility of finding applications, articles or websites that have what you are looking for. But sometimes what you need to search for is within your devices, such as an app on your smartphone or a photograph or file that you have stored.

For this you also need an application, or rather, a helper to solve this mess for you. Android already has this feature, even many companies that put their own customization layer to the Mountain View operating system. And this is where Apple has reinvented itself with the new iOS 14 internal search engines. It turns out that those from Cupertino have taken action and finally you will not depend on the virtual assistant of the terminal to find them (although you can continue with this trend).

The good thing about this function for the Apple smartphone is that it is very easy to find, so much so that you will only have to slide your finger slightly down on the screen at any point on the desktop. This is the famous feature called Spotlight and it will give you the ability to find applications and any files stored in them. You just have to write what you want to find and in a few moments you will have access to all that data related to your searches.

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The other search engine where you need it most

This may sound like a puzzle to you, but the truth is that you will know where to find the new iOS 14 search engine when you need it most. And we have told you some of the details of this function, which is not only found in the part of the main screen, it is also in the settings screen. From here you will have at your disposal all the options that the phone has in its configuration.



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