How to use the Giordano filter Tik Tok


The latest TikTok trend has both alarmed and amused people. The Giordano filter, created by Luca Bellei, visualizes a man in a blue hoodie and with his eye closed. But the trick to this trend is that Giordano seems to be sneaking up on the person from behind. TikTokers use the element of surprise to scare unsuspecting victims, and the results are funny. Videos created using the filter have already gained millions of views. Join the trend and maybe have a good laugh.

TikTok is a social network to which users upload short videos in the hope of attracting the attention of the page “For You”. The app includes many video editing features such as sounds and filters. Although TikTok was only launched in 2016, the platform is home to thousands of memes. Viral videos range from TikTok dancing to parodies. From time to time, a good prank gets into the mix.

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To use the Giordano filter in TikTok, start by opening the app. Then click the “+” icon at the bottom to create a TikTok. The camera will turn it on and the screen should display the selfie mode. To the left of the recording button, click “Effects” and a menu should appear. Then tap the glasses icon in the far left corner. Now that the search bar is visible, type “Giordano”. Now the filter is activated and ready for use. When the person is visible to the camera, Giordano will appear behind him, and who knows what their reaction will be. Don’t forget to tap record to capture the moment and share it with your followers.

This filter must be supplied with a warning label

Trying this trend, there are several things to note. Firstly, if you plan to surprise someone, it is better to do it in a safe environment. You can find videos in which people stumble over the surrounding objects in fright. Another common reaction is that people may involuntarily throw away objects they are holding in their hands. These factors will help the trend stay funny without hurting friends and family. For people not registered with TikTok, the Giordano filter is also available on Instagram, and it can be found in filters when creating a video or story. This means more people can join in the fun.

Giordano is not the only filter for deceiving people. Users can also use the Horrify and Spider effects to achieve similar results. Memes disappear quickly, but new ones appear. As TikTok adds effects, friends and family have a lot of chances to prank each other. In the meantime, head to TikTok to try this latest hype before it’s over.


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