How to Use The Closed Eye Filter Tik Tok


Tiktokers go viral thanks to their videos in which they prank their friends and family using a filter with their eyes closed that explodes in the app — here’s how to experience the effect for yourself.

The TikTok video platform has a huge number of different filters and effects that can be used to improve your messages, many of which subsequently generated viral trends that captured the application.

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One of the latest filters that appeared in the application is a filter with closed eyes, which, as the name suggests, gives the impression that the person using the filter has his eyes closed, even if in real life they are open.

The strange filter immediately prompted users to start playing their friends and family with it.

One trend using the effect is that users apply a filter to their face while someone is behind them, so they are also looking into the camera. They force the other person to raise a different number of fingers so that he can “guess” how many of them are with their eyes closed, and thanks to the filter they can do it correctly every time.


19 years of our intuition 😂 #meetthethorpes #closedeyeschallenge #marriagehumor

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Videos using this effect collect millions of likes and views, so if you want to try it yourself, here’s how to do it.

How to get a TikTok Closed Eye Filter

The closed eye filter is available directly from the TikTok app, so it’s easy to try it in your videos. Just do the following:

Open TikTok.
Click the plus button at the bottom to open the camera.
In the lower left corner, click “Effects”.
Click the magnifying glass icon and search for “Close your Eyes”.
Click on the effect of the same name to apply it.
Point the camera at your face and your eyes should appear closed.


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