How to use the AI TikTok Green Screen Filter


TikTok’s latest AI filter, AI Greenscreen, makes users shake as it displays portraits based on the text the user types into the search bar. In combination with the original sound from There I Ruined It, the ticktockers record their reaction to the final results. The paintings can be anything from inspirational to whimsical, which makes AI Greenscreen an interesting trend worth trying.

TikTok is a popular application that allows users to post short videos. Users can edit these videos with various effects and filters in addition to adding music with sounds. Although TikTok was first launched worldwide in 2017, the platform has a huge number of users who reportedly attract 1.5 billion monthly users. Over the years, Tiktok has been the source of many popular memes, such as the Wavy Filter. TikTokers are quickly taking advantage of these trends to get thousands of views. Although the AI Greenscreen trend is only a few days old, it is gaining a lot of responses. TikToker, Mick, scored more than 700 thousand likes and 44 thousand saves in just three days after the publication of his video. Other ticktockers using the AI Greenscreen filter gain more than 200 thousand likes.

To find the AI Greenscreen developed by TikTok, start by opening the app. Press “+” to create a new video. To the left of the red record button, click the “Effects” button. Tap the point to open the search function and type “AI Greenscreen”. The logo is a purple box with a smaller purple box inside with the inscription “AI”. When selected, a search bar will appear on the screen with the inscription “Enter a few words” above it. Enter whatever you want and click “Create”. If you don’t know what to type, the app will offer several options in the search box. Then the background on the screen will turn into a work of art. Don’t forget to hold down the record button before clicking “Create” to get a genuine reaction.

Use trending sounds for a stronger impact

Images are abstract and can be interpreted in different ways, which is one of the reasons why this trend is on the rise. Users apply this green screen effect to search for scenes from their favorite movies, desired things, and even celebrities in funny situations. A green screen with artificial intelligence is often used in videos using a mashup of Harry Styles and Beethoven created by the account “There I messed everything up”. However, others include other popular sounds to ensure relevance. For example, a search query related to “Very Strange Things” may contain the sound “Running Up That Hill”. AI Greenscreen offers many creative possibilities.

TikTok memes usually have two weeks of popularity before moving on to the next trend. This trend is relatively new and gives TikTokers enough time to test their viral capabilities. Whether TikTok gets thousands of likes or not, AI Greenscreen is a fun trend worth trying, and it can inspire you all day.


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