How to use Spotify or Web, not PC? Here are the details


Have you ever wanted to open Spotify on your computer, but didn’t want to download the app for Windows 10 or macOS for any reason? Know that you can enjoy music and podcasts from the service directly from the browser and in a very simple way.

The Spotify web platform can be accessed through the official website. To do this, open the platform link in your favorite browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox or any other) and click on the “Open web player” button to access the alternative option.

From there, you need to register or login to enjoy your favorite songs and podcasts.

The system is the same as the Spotify app for mobile: the user with a free account can listen to music, but with certain limitations, and has advertisements between the tracks, being able to use the service as much as he wants; payers, in turn, are not bothered by interruptions and can create playlists, listen in the order they want and when they want.

The registration can also be done through the Facebook account, importing some profile information to speed up the filling out of the forms. To do so, just click on the “Sign up with Facebook” button and provide your social network login and password.

For users with the free package or subscribers already registered, login can be done with Facebook, Apple account, Google, phone number or the conventional email accompanied by the password.

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