How to Use Ruby Wire Bags in the Rise of the Monster Hunter: Dawn


The Ruby Wire beetle is an Endemic Life creature in Monster Hunter Rise that serves as one of two new morphed wire beetles introduced in the Sunbreak expansion. Hunters can find these flying critters in a new location around the abandoned ruins of an old castle known as the Citadel. Like other Endemic Life creatures, Ruby Wirebug can be picked up by a Hunter to gain a unique temporary boost mechanic in Sunbreak. A regular Wirebug will provide players with an additional fee for their Wirebug-related actions. On the other hand, Ruby Wirebug offers a new special advantage for hunting monsters.

When a Hunter picks up Ruby Wirebug in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, he gets three different effects, two of which are common with Gold Morphed Wirebug. Firstly, it becomes easier to initiate wyvern riding, allowing players to ride the monster with higher speed and fewer restrictions. In addition, the recovery speed of the Hunter Wirebug Gauge sensor is significantly increased, which leads to a reduction in downtime between charges. Finally, the unique Ruby Wirebug buff makes mounted punishers more powerful, resulting in finishing attacks dealing more damage.

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Therefore, if Hunters are aiming to do more damage to their target while the Wyvern is riding in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, then Ruby Wirebug is Endemic Life’s best choice for this job. In addition, if the installed monster resists the elemental characteristics of the target, the additional damage inflicted by Ruby Wirebug can be even more effective.

Using Ruby Wirebugs in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

An example of an ideal strategy would be to pick up Ruby Wirebug, and then lure two monsters into one zone using Stinkmink. For best results, make sure that the target Wyvern’s opponent has a counter element in their attacks. For example, if a player is hunting lagombi, luring a blood-orange bishaten into battle will be very effective. The Lagombi element is Ice, which makes it weak in relation to Fire, the main element of the Blood-orange Bishaten. Thus, a Mounted Punisher with an active Ruby Wirebug guarantees that Lagombi in Monster Hunter Rise will receive maximum damage.

Let’s assume that the stunned monster is not the wyvern that the Hunter wants to ride. In this case, keep riding it anyway, but use the “Run Monster” action to crash into the opposite monster. This action will cause both monsters to be temporarily stunned, which will give the player the opportunity to jump on the enemy and continue riding the Wyvern.