How to use Microsoft Edge Collections


Internet browsers are a fundamental part of any current device. They are the ones that allow you to know all the information about businesses, people and entertainment that are all over the world, but for many this is a work or observation tool. And there are people who have the same browsing routine and like to open all their favorite pages with one touch. For them are the Microsoft Edge Collections that we are going to teach you to use.

What are Edge Collections

Microsoft changed the look and feel of its Edge browser. What was born with Windows 10 was not enough to convince users and it has gone through a great process of evolution until it reached what it is today. And along the way, Collections have appeared, a very important tool for all users who navigate with this application. It is a space where you can choose the pages you want and catalog them according to your criteria. Offers, work, sports, music … any title is good as long as you recognize it. These pages will create a group so that once you select it, you can open all those web addresses in several tabs at once.

Now that you know the concept, we will tell you how Edge Collections are used. The first thing you should do is open the browser and then at least one active web page. Then you just have to click on any of the ‘add current page’ buttons to add it to a group. Repeat this process as many times as you want with the pages you want to catalog according to the chosen group.

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The best thing about all this is that it works like the favorites folders of other browsers such as Firefox, for example, where you can group addresses in a folder and later open them all in tabs with just one click. Of course, you must click on each one of them to load and thus see their updated content.

Returning to the use of Microsoft Edge Collections, you can also save texts here and write notes. The former will open in the browser as if they were just another website and the latter will remain as a notepad to remember something you have to do later, thus becoming a complete and clean productivity tool whenever you choose by the Microsoft app, of course.


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