How to Use Golden Wire Bugs in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak


The Golden Wire Beetle is an Endemic Life creature in Monster Hunter Rise that serves as one of two new morphed wire beetles introduced in the Sunbreak expansion. Hunters can find these flying critters in a new location around the abandoned ruins of an old castle known as the Citadel. Like other Endemic Life creatures, Gold Wirebug can be raised by a Hunter to gain a unique temporary boost mechanic in Sunbreak. A regular Wirebug will provide players with an additional fee for their Wirebug-related actions. On the other hand, Gold Wirebug offers a new special advantage for hunting monsters.

When a Hunter picks up a gold bug in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, he gets three different effects, two of which are shared with the Ruby Beetle Beetle. Firstly, it becomes easier to initiate wyvern riding, allowing players to ride the monster with higher speed and fewer restrictions. In addition, the recovery speed of the Hunter Wirebug Gauge sensor is significantly increased, which leads to a reduction in downtime between charges. Finally, the unique Gold Wirebug buff increases the probability of obtaining monster materials during Wyvern Riding attacks.

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Therefore, if hunters want to get more materials from a specific wyvern in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, then Gold Wirebug is Endemic Life’s best choice for this job. Materials dropped from monsters not only offer more rewards after hunting, but can also turn out to be extremely rare items needed to forge weapons and armor of Master rank.

Using Gold Wirebugs in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

An example of an ideal strategy would be to pick up a Golden Bug and then lure two monsters into the same zone with a Smelly Mink. Then mount the opposing monster and start attacking the target with the desired drop. Hunters should remember not to activate the Mounted Punisher too quickly, especially if there is still time to perform several more attacks. This tactic ensures that the maximum number of broken parts and materials will fall out of the target Wyvern.

Let’s assume that the stunned monster is not a Wyvern that the Hunter wants to ride. In this case, keep riding it anyway, but use the “Run Monster” action to crash into the opposite monster. This action will cause both monsters to be temporarily stunned, which will give the player the opportunity to jump on the enemy and continue riding the Wyvern. When playing with friends or a group, do not forget to provide details about the desired drop before changing monsters.