How to use anime filter in Snapchat and TikTok?


If there is a crucial and determining element for the success of any current social network and / or application, that is viral. Whether it’s a stupid YouTube challenge, a filter from a photo app, or a phrase seen in a 40-year-old movie or on a TV show last Saturday. There is no set formula, but when a viral hits, it hits big. And video and photo retouching filters are one of the best examples.

Snapchat’s anime filter

Do you remember a year ago the filter of Sasha Dog, the sad dog that swept Instagram? Well, in the last hours / days another filter has gone viral. A filter called ‘Anime’ that belongs to Snapchat, and is being used in a massive way by users of this network and others such as Instagram or TikTok.

And what does it do? Well, as its name suggests, it turns you into a character out of an anime – a Japanese animated film or series. The filter transforms your face as if it had been drawn for an anime character, and even mimics your facial features and gestures to give it more realism, including even items that you wear – glasses, necklace, etc.

How to get Snapchat anime filter

  • You must have Snapchat installed, if not here you have the Android version and here the iOS version
  • Open Snapchat and look for the Filters icon next to the button to take a photo. Choose the one that says ‘Anime Style’ to unlock it
  • You can also enter this direct link to add it
  • Now take a photo or record a video using the filter, and save it on your mobile.

How to use the Anime filter on TikTok

Anime is a Snapchat filter, and not TikTok, so it is not available on this social network, but what you can do is upload the video you just saved, and in which the filter is active. For it:

Open TikTok

  • Look for the ‘+’ icon at the bottom. Press it to open the create new video interface At the bottom click on ‘Upload’, and look for the video that you have saved with the anime filter in the mobile gallery
  • Hit ‘Next’ and you can edit it and add the effects you want before uploading it to your profile


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