How To Upload Photos On Instagram From Computer?


Millions of Instagram users wonder “How to share photos on Instagram from a computer?” the question is answered.


Instagram craze is increasing day by day. Today, when photo sharing is on the agenda, many social media users ask “How to share photos on Instagram from a computer?” looking for the answer to the question.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to share photos and videos while performing operations such as replying to messages, viewing posts and stories on Instagram on a computer. This poses a problem for many users who want to share to Instagram via computer. However, you can also upload photos or videos from the computer with the easy way of sharing over the computer.

Upload photos to Instagram from computer

There are different reasons for sharing photos on Instagram on a computer. If you have taken the photo you want to share from your mobile device, you can easily share it from the mobile application. However, photos taken with the camera must first be transferred to the computer in order to be shared on Instagram.

Even if you are managing a professional account, sharing over the computer provides a great deal of convenience. In this way, your sharing will become more regular.

How to share photos on Instagram from computer?

For users who want to share photos over the computer, we briefly explained the step-by-step way of sharing photos and videos without a program:

  • First, enter the Instagram page on the computer.
  • Login to your Instagram account.
  • Right click on the mouse and select “inspect” or “inspect item”. However, you can also do “CTRL+SHIFT+C” instead.

  • Switch to the mobile view by clicking the icon next to the “elements” text at the top of the opened page. You can even decide which phone model you want to use with the image if you want.
  • After switching to mobile view, you can share photos with peace of mind in your account.

How to share photos on Instagram from computer via app

Another method that those who want to upload photos to Instagram from their computer can choose is applications. The “Windowed” application is among these applications. Thanks to this application, you can share photos on the computer without any difficulties.

In this application, you have the opportunity to share the photo or video you want to make on the mobile device, as a post or a story. It is possible for people who want or have to share photos or videos on a computer to start using this application, which makes their life easier.


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