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Free Fire is one of the most successful free games on mobile phones thanks to its extremely affordable battle royale gameplay. Still, to win matches and stand out, you need to learn more advanced skills and techniques, such as climbing the cover!

Climbing the cover is the act of manually adjusting the aim in order to move the cursor to the rivals’ heads, ensuring that your shots are even more lethal. Basically you get ahead of the retreat caused by the shots, making sure that in the first shot you do maximum damage with a headshot.

How to climb cover on Free Fire

The best-known way to climb the cover involves tinkering with the game’s internal settings and recalibrating some options in its menus. The main change to be made is in the sensitivity of the controls, choosing to make it higher. This way, you can raise the sights faster when taking the first shots!

In the type of aim, the pattern serves to automatically aim at the enemies’ chests. This causes the aim to realign there with each new shot, and you need to climb up the cover to be able to aim for the head as quickly as possible. Finally, it is a good idea to change the position of the button to bring the crosshair closer to the shot, in addition to changing the size of the buttons, making the firing area the size of your finger.

The best weapons to win

Climbing the cape is especially useful when your enemies are not wearing a helmet, as the damage from the headshot is enough to speed up casualties. If you are looking for the best weapons to use your new technique, bet on assault rifles with FAMAS, SCAR, AK or M4A1, which are the favorite choices of the most hardcore players in the competitive scene.

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Using these settings and a little training, you’ll soon be able to climb the cover and win more matches! If you’re a fan of Free Fire, how about celebrating the game’s three-year anniversary with a free character? But stay tuned, as a loophole has been found that allows account hacks! Are you a fan of the game? Will you use our tips? Comment below!


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