How to upload a long video to Instagram Stories


It seems that they have been implemented since the very premiere of Instagram, but the truth is that the Stories or Stories arrived 4 years ago, in the summer of 2016, and are used daily by more than 500 million users. Unlike a normal post, they allow you to upload an image, photo or video with an ‘expiration date’ that will be deleted by the system in a few minutes or a day. You can even do it privately by choosing which users you want to see.

In fact, today we are going to show how you can upload a long video to Instagram and split it into several Stories. The Instagram interface lets you film a video from the Stories continuously and breaks it into chunks of 15 seconds maximum. But to upload a long video that you have made with the mobile camera, or that you have downloaded in the gallery or downloads, you must use these apps whether you have Android or iPhone:

Story Cutter for Android

One of the best known and most used, is an app that allows you to cut any video you have on your mobile into 10-second pieces. Simply:

  • Download the app and open it
  • Choose the video you want to cut from the mobile gallery, whether you have filmed it with the camera or downloaded it
  • Give the free option to make 10 cuts in 10 seconds. There is also the option of 15 in 15 seconds, but it is paid
  • Open Instagram
  • Create a new Stories and add the mini-videos
  • Download Story Cutter for Android
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CutStory for iOS

Similar to the previous one, CutStory is a free app from the App Store that we can use on the iPhone or iPad and that allows you to do the same: cut videos that you already have made / downloaded into mini-videos to upload them.

The good thing is that CutStory does let you cut them from 15 in 15 seconds or another duration of your choice for free, and also add music to play in the fragments, jumping from one to another.


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