How to update Google Play Store?


For users who have update problems in the Google Play Store, “How to update the Google Play Store?” We explained the answer to the question.


Google Play Store is readily available on phones with many Android operating systems. However, the Play Store, which is on the device of many users, can sometimes cause problems for users because it is not updated.

Google Play Store, where millions of Android users can download applications and games, is an important application store especially for phones. For people who have problems with updating the application, here is “How to update Google Play Store?” Curious about the question…

Where to look for Play Store updates?

Google Play Store is an application for Android devices. This store, which helps users to download what they want among millions of application options, is also automatically updated according to your request.

You can get detailed information about the application by entering the Settings section of the Play Store on devices used by Android users. In the About section, it is possible to have information by seeing which version the application is in.

However, after the actions you will take, your device will send you a notification, allowing you to update the application. In short, Google Play Store offers you all your application needs.

How to update Google Play Store?

The Play Store makes it more practical to update with its new features and improvements. In this way, you can download applications in a better way. You can easily update your Google Play Store application with the steps we have prepared for you.

The Android operating system, in addition to being an official application for users, also offers you books, music, movies and television programs. The app needs to be updated to use the Play Store more effectively. Follow the steps below to update your Google Play store.

  • First, unlock your phone and enter the Google Play Store application.
  • Open the application and enter the settings
  • Go to the “About” section and see if your app is up to date in the “Play Store version” section.
  • If no updates are available, the app will notify you that the Play Store is out of date.

Update Google Play Store via APK

Google Play Store comes in APK form like other Android apps. You can download these APK files from trusted places. Here’s what you need to do…

  • Download the Google Play Store.apk file and save it to your device by confirming the warnings that will appear on your device for the APK file you want to download.
  • Open the application on your device by clicking Run the file.
  • Then give the necessary permissions to download the APK file.
  • Find the Play Store version you want to download. If you want a more recent version, download the current version.


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