How to unlock the shiny Baneful Fox mask in Pokémon Legends: Arceus


Shiny Baneful Fox Mask, released in honor of the recently released limited series, is now available in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, and all players can get it for free. Players will have enough time to get the Shiny Baneful Fox Mask, as it expires before May 31, 2023, but it will not be available if it is not declared by that time. To get this new cosmetic item for free, players need to connect to the internet and access the Mystery Gift page.

The Shiny Baneful Fox mask was added to the game as a way to celebrate the third and final episode of Hisuian Snow, a Pokemon limited series set at the same time and in the same region as Pokémon Legends: Arceus. The series is available for viewing on The Pokémon Company’s official YouTube channel, and each episode lasts from six to 12 minutes. To participate in the celebration of this new series, players can get a Shiny Baneful Fox Mask.

The mask of the Ruinous Fox was previously available as a bonus for pre-ordering Mystery Gift, but it has since expired. The regular version was red, white and grey, but the new shiny version has purple instead of red. Both of these masks are based on the Hisui and brilliant Hisui versions of Zoroark. The mask of the Brilliant Destructive Fox can be obtained by clicking on the “Communication” tab in the pause menu, but it must be worn at the Tailor Shop in the Village of Jubilee.

How to get a mysterious gift and change into Pokémon Legends: Arceus

To get the Shiny Baneful Fox Mask, players can click the up arrow on the crosspiece, and then use ZR to go to the “Connection” tab, where they can also hand over Lost Satchels for merit points in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Mystery Gifts is the second option, then players can choose the “Get Online” option. After the game connects to the Internet, a list of available Mysterious Gifts will appear. Players can then choose a “Gift with Clothes” to receive a “Shiny Ruinous Fox” mask.

After receiving the free Mystery Gift, players will need to return to the village of Jubilee and visit a tailor to equip it. The tailor can be found near the Main Gate and across the street from the Hall of the Galaxy. Players can talk to Ante, the shop owner, and change clothes to put on the Mask of the Shiny Ruinous Fox. The new item will be listed in the “Hat” section as “The Mask of the Ruinous Fox”, and in the description under the name of the item will be “Brilliant”. After receiving the Shiny Baneful Fox Mask, this item can be worn or removed at any time in Jubilee Village in Pokémon Legend: Arceus.