How to Unlock the Destiny 2 King’s Fall Weapon Chest with a Red Border


It’s been a pretty exciting week for Destiny 2 fans. Bungie’s long-awaited Destiny 2 demo revealed the future of the franchise with the first details of the next expansion, known as Lightfall. Along with the unveiling of a new stand subclass and quality of life changes, Bungie also found time to showcase the current heist season, which adds a sci-fi pirate theme to the game as players work together with players like Mitrax, Spider and Wanderer to cause havoc in the Eramis space fleet.

After countless teasers from Bungie and community speculation, the showcase finally revealed that the classic King’s Fall raid was the next outdated content. Naturally, this event marked the beginning of a completely new Worlds First competition, where battle groups and guilds competed to see who would complete King’s Fall faster. As it turned out, the Elysium clan took the crown again, which gives the players a third victory in the overall standings.

While the players who participated in the raid found that returning to the Oryx domain was basically the same, except for a few small changes here and there. However, Bungie has added a few secrets, such as turning the classic Destiny Easter egg into a real way to earn a Touch of Malice catalyst. One resourceful Destiny 2 player also found a way to earn a guaranteed Red Border weapon, which is incredibly important for those who are trying to create weapons or earn resources for this.

An additional Oryx chest with a guaranteed red weapon!! from raid secrets

While many fans lament the random nature of Deepsight’s Resonance Weapon search, this method can guarantee a dropout probably once a week if they can solve the puzzle inside the King’s Fall. The details come from Skarrow9 from the Destiny 2 subreddit, who discovered that finding 3 of the 9 hidden runes opens a special chest. As in the case of the secret chest “Apprentice’s Oath”, players must go to the Courtyard of Oryx to find out which three of them need to be activated with a shot. Scarrow posted all nine on the original Reddit thread, giving players an idea of where to go to find the right ones. Once all three are activated, players will see the message “Runes accept your offer” to unlock an additional chest at the end of the raid.

Guaranteed weapons with a red frame should please fans, especially when you consider how complex the crafting system has been since it appeared in The Witch Queen. The process of unlocking the weapon frames was at times more complicated than expected, which prompted Bungie to adjust the rate of weapon drop inside the Wellspring activity. Even though the situation has improved, getting and completing 5 specific weapons to unlock crafting specs is still a bit more difficult than some players would like.

Destiny 2 is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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