How to unlock Marco 5 SMG in CoD Warzone and Vanguard


With the introduction of the 4th season of Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard, there are many new features, including new weapons such as the Marco 5 SMG. Some of the new features include brand new operators, game modes, a redesign of the Caldera map, and four new weapons: the UGM-8 light machine gun, the Marco 5 submachine gun, the Push Dagger melee, and the Vargo-S assault rifle. This weapon is available immediately upon the release of the new season.

Marco 5 is a powerful short—range submachine gun that can be used in a duel. This mobile melee weapon may become a new favorite for players in the Caldera and Vanguard multiplayer. The Marco 5 submachine gun is described in the game as a highly mobile submachine gun, accurate from the hip and having excellent stopping power at close range.

Since these weapons are available for immediate use in Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard at the beginning of the new season, players should unlock Marco 5 SMG as soon as possible. There are several ways to unlock it for players who love the “run and shoot” style of play.

Methods of unlocking Macro 5 SMG in Warzone and Vanguard

Like most of the new weapons that are released at the beginning of new seasons, the Macro 5 SMG is unlocked through the Battle Pass level system. It can be unlocked by reaching the 15th level of the Mercenaries of Fortune combat pass. Players can quickly advance through this combat pass by simply playing Warzone or Vanguard games. From time to time, there will be temporary events where two-level progress can be obtained, and this will double the speed at which players receive battle pass levels during the game.

Since the free tier system stops at level 20, players can unlock the Macro 5 SMG for free in the Call of Duty gameplay. However, the second purchased version of the combat pass for 2400 cash on delivery points will launch players at level 25 and immediately unlock weapons. At the end of the season, players who have not reached the Combat pass level by the end of the season will need to pass an in-game test to unlock weapons. After the weapon is unlocked in Warzone and Vanguard, it is recommended to add some special privileges and settings to Macro 5 SMG.

The Akimbo Proficiency perk will allow players to use weapons with two hands, and the Macro 5 SMG is the first Call of Duty Vanguard weapon that allows you to use this perk. Given the relatively noticeable recoil and damage drop at long range, the Marco 5 is best shot from the hip at close range. It is great for advancing towards targets, as its high mobility allows players to run in circles around the enemy, trying to orient themselves in the player’s position.