How to Unlock Flight in V Rising


The bat form is the unlockable vampire power in V Rising, which allows the user to transform into a bat—winged mammal and fly high above the ground. In this form, the vampire becomes inaccessible to enemy units and other players. In addition, the caster will be able to reach high ground, which he could not in his humanoid form. Accordingly, the ability “Bat Shape” is needed in V Rising to climb the Terrible Peak in the Forests of Farbane and confront one of the final bosses, the Winged Horror.

However, the bat-shaped vampire’s power from V Rising has several limitations that players should be aware of. Firstly, this ability has a long application time of about five seconds, which means that using this ability as a means to avoid danger is rather impractical. Moreover, the Bat Shape has the same restriction as the Vampire Waygate in Vardoran, prohibiting players from flying with “non-teleportable” resources. Finally, vampires flying through the air have no protection from the sun, which means that daytime air travel can be deadly. In addition, fans of V Rising should remember that it is impossible to hide in the shade of bat-shaped trees.

To unlock the ability to fly in the guise of a bat, vampire adventurers must find and defeat the Nightmare Styx the Destroyer, a Blood-bearing 76th level V in V Rising, living in the ghostly groves of the Cursed Forest. Like Lydia the Archer of Chaos or Jade the Vampire Hunter, Nightmare Styx does not have a boss lair. Therefore, this Carrier is always on the move, wandering through the Cursed Forest in search of prey.

How to Unlock the Bat Shape in V Rising

As a late-game enemy in V Rising, Nightmare Styx will naturally be more challenging than regular bosses, especially since the terrain on which players face this opponent will vary. Hence, players are strongly encouraged to counter this V Blood Carrier at level 75 or higher. However, those who play in a group can kill Styx at a lower level, depending on their abilities. Once the players are well equipped for combat, one of the combat mechanics in V Rising will help to easily defeat the Nightmare Styx. In particular, Styx disappears during combat and generates ADD-ons that heal the player after death. Therefore, as long as the players have enough damage to destroy these ADD and boss, they will be able to easily unlock the bat form.

One of the most practical applications of the ability to fly in V Rising is reconnaissance. Bat Farm allows players to dispel the fog of war and scout areas and bases of enemy players effortlessly. However, remember about the sunrise when conducting reconnaissance.