How to unlock developer mode on the Pixel 5


You may not know it, but your smartphone hides a function with which you can unlock new functions of your terminal. This is developer mode, a feature reserved for all those who test software with their terminal, but there may be some tool that you can use for your own benefit. But in all terminals it is not activated in the same way and to show you we show you how to unlock the developer mode on the Pixel 5.

This is how developer mode is activated on the Pixel 5

The developer mode is not a hacking of the terminal even though some consider it such a thing. Its mode of use helps enable specific functions that can help the terminal work even better than you can imagine. For example, it helps you control the number of simultaneously active background applications, view mobile graphics with greater definition or even activate bubble notifications.

The truth is that the big G continue with the same way of operating in the method in the Google Pixel 5 to activate the developer mode. Everything happens by going to the settings> terminal information> version data and pressing it several times you will enter this mode. Then you just have to find it among the options and access everything it proposes. Of course, you must first use the security pin or pattern to enable this function, since it requires that extra layer of security to activate it.

Do you want everything to return to its being? well it crashes again
Maybe after taking a look at everything that the Pixel 5 has in developer mode, you may see everything very complicated. If this is the case and what you want is to lock this part again, you just have to press the switch at the top and everything will return to normal. Of course, if you have played something, it is best to deactivate it before proceeding to deactivate it.

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