How to unlock Bugs Bunny in MultiVersus


Although he is initially unavailable at the beginning of the game, Bugs Bunny is one of the playable characters that can be unlocked in MultiVersus. The new free platformer fighting game has colorful characters that players can unlock, and there are several different ways to get Bugs Bunny. Whether it’s 2 vs 2, 1 vs 1, or just 4 players for free for everyone, Bugs Bunny is one of the strongest characters to use in Multiverse thanks to his arsenal of ranged and melee attacks.

To make the most of the best MultiVersus tips and strategies for Bugs Bunny after he is unlocked, players need to know how and when to use all of his ranged attacks. For example, both his special attacks on the ground and in the air have different time requirements, which, after mastering, can put enemies in a difficult position, driving them into a corner. Bugs Bunny also has the ability to stun enemies by blowing a kiss, which applies an Enchantment effect, although this enrages the enemy and forces his next attack to apply the maximum number of Weakening stacks. Despite having access to several potentially devastating melee attacks, Bugs Bunny benefits from having a hand-to-hand combat-oriented partner.

Although MultiVersus is a free game, the easiest way to unlock Bugs Bunny is to buy a character for 700 Gleamium. As a MultiVersus premium currency, players can get more Gleamium by spending real money on its kits or through the Founder’s kit. In addition, the Founder’s Pack contains a character ticket that can also be used to unlock the famous hare. While this may be the preferred method for those who want to play as Bugs Bunny as soon as possible, the Looney Toons badge can also be unlocked for free.

How to Unlock Bugs Bunny for Free in MultiVersus

To unlock Bugs Bunny for free in MultiVersus, players will need to spend 2000 gold. Gold is another currency used in the game, which can be earned naturally by completing a campaign or side mission, as well as completing tasks. Accumulating 2000 gold will take some time, and those who want to unlock Bugs Bunny before unlocking any of the other characters in Multiverse, such as the Iron Giant, will temporarily limit themselves to four initial characters.

Despite the high cost of unlocking Bugs Bunny at the beginning of Multiverse, players may find that he is one of the best characters to unlock first in the game due to his many ranged attacks. Although some of his attacks have a cooldown, this does not prevent the rabbit from dominating any battle against any opponent. Keep accumulating gold in MultiVersus to unlock Bugs Bunny as quickly as possible.


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