How to unlock Banco Inter’s MEI card


Banco Inter offers, in addition to the individual account (PF), a banking option for MEI (Micro Entrepreneur Individual). The account is free of charge and provides a physical card to move the money free of charge, in addition to allowing up to 100 free transfers (TEDs) and the issue of up to 100 free deposit slips per month.

The Inter MEI card is teal in color, instead of the bank’s traditional orange, and can be used for credit or debit, according to the request of the account holder. You need to activate the card when you receive it at home to start using it on a daily basis. See in the following tutorial how to unlock the Banco Inter card through the application for Android and iPhone phones (iOS).

Step 1. On the initial screen of your Banco Inter application, access your MEI digital account from the “Sign in” option. Then, on the main screen of your account, tap on the orange arrow icon to expand the top menu;

Step 2. Select the option “Cards” and then tap “Update” to accept the terms of the contract;

Step 3. Check the box next to “I have read and accepted the term” and confirm the action under “Accept”. To confirm, enter the 6-digit code sent via SMS to the cell phone registered to Inter’s MEI account. Confirm in “Authenticate”;

Step 4. When you finish confirming, tap “Continue”. Your MEI card will be displayed on the screen. Confirm in the image that it is your name, that the card is the correct color and that the last four digits of the card on the screen correspond to the card you received. If there is any inconsistency, seek specialized assistance from Banco Inter and interrupt the unlocking process. If everything is correct, select “I received my card”;

Step 5. On the next screen, double check the last four digits of the card and enter the remaining validity information, security code (the three digits indicated on the back of the physical card) and create your password to use the physical card. Confirm in “Unlock”. The app will show an indication of the success of the unlock and will offer paid insurance for the card. If you are interested, tap on “Protect Card”. If you do not want to sign the insurance now, select “Not Now”;

Step 6. Ready! You will be redirected to the home screen. To check that everything went correctly, select “Cards” again. Note that your card will be indicated on the screen, unlocked, with a button of “Settings and another one of” View statements “to see the movements of your account in relation to payments, transfers, account balance, expenses and invoice amounts (if you have the credit function).


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