How to Unlock Aladdin in the Disney Mirrorverse


One of the heroes that players can unlock in the new Disney Mirrorverse game for iOS and Android is Aladdin, the famous thief turned prince from Agrabah. Disney Mirrorverse contrasts Disney and Pixar characters with the mysterious Fractured. Disney Mirrorverse is a free mobile game, but players can spend money on in—game currency to unlock characters like Aladdin.

The split in the Disney Mirrorverse are villains who mirror the heroes encountered throughout the game, something like DC’s Bizarro reflecting Superman. Players travel through different levels modeled after various Disney and Pixar locations, and team up with either classic heroes or villains to defeat new enemies. These Disney and Pixar characters are called Guardians, and they can be found in the game or unlocked in the store. In addition to this story mode, Disney Mirrorverse offers events, dungeon raids, 1-on-1 battles and tower trials. By completing these tasks and going through the story, players can earn spheres and crystals, which are used to unlock characters and create a stronger team to fight the Split Ones. If players want to do it faster, the game has microtransactions similar to mobile games like Diablo Immortal.

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Aladdin is one of the many unlockable Disney Mirrorverse characters. He cannot be found in the game, so if players want to add him to their team, they need to buy him in the store for crystals, stardust or laurels. If players don’t want to spend real money to unlock Aladdin, it may require some grind.

How to Unlock Aladdin in the Disney Mirrorverse

There are three main ways to unlock Aladdin: with crystals, stardust or laurels. All these items can be purchased for in-game currency, balls, or earned throughout the game. During the free game, players can buy in-game currency or play the new Disney Mirrorverse role-playing game.

Throw the crystal into the portal to get a random character. This is the main way to unlock new characters, although there is no exact guarantee that players will get Aladdin or the character they want on the first try. In the main menu, click “Crystals” to see which characters are represented. Look for an option with Aladdin in the pool of selected prizes and use the Crystal of Glory to get one of these Guardians. Famous crystals can be bought for spheres. If players want to earn spheres without spending real money, complete missions in the game. Buy Aladdin for Stardust. Another way to unlock Aladdin is to use Stardust. Aladdin is a Melee Guardian, so players need to use red melee stardust to unlock him. Stardust can be pulled out when players unlock characters from the portal; unlocking Melee Guardians will bring Melee Stardust. Stardust cannot be bought, but it can be earned by pulling the Guardians out of the portal. If players collect enough Stardust, they will be able to use it to purchase the necessary Guardians on the Stardust tab in the main menu. Buy Aladdin for laurels. As with Stardust, Aladdin can be purchased for laurels, an in-game currency earned for completing missions, standard for mobile role-playing games such as the Disney Mirrorverse. The Guardian, which can be purchased for Laurels, is updated every few hours, so players should often check the Laurel tab in the store to see who can be unlocked. If players have enough laurels and Aladdin is offered, they can spend laurels to unlock him and add him to the list of Guardians.