How to Unlock a Person on Instagram


Instagram allows you to block an unwanted profile so that it doesn’t interact with you anymore. And at the same time it also allows you to reverse that decision at any time, unlocking the account, allowing you to send you a message again and view your profile.

How to Unlock an Instagram Profile

1. Go to your Instagram homepage. Then press the button with the lines located in the upper right corner of the screen;

2. Now go to “Settings”;

3. Then in the “Privacy” option;

4. Then scroll down the screen and press the “Blocked Accounts” option;

5. The next window will show all accounts and profiles that you have blocked on Instagram. Select the one you want to unlock by pressing the blue button (as shown in the image below);

6. An unlock confirmation will appear on the screen. Press “Unlock”;

7. Okay, now you can re-interact with the account that was previously blocked on Instagram.


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