How to turn off tablet mode in Windows 10


Windows 10 has many tools that will help you control all the features of your computer. However, not only computers are capable of having this operating system and we don’t even have to leave the Redmond house to see it. We have the surface range, which are convertible with a touch screen. For these there is a tablet mode that you can activate or deactivate, something that we are going to show you below.

What is tablet mode and what is it for?

Windows 10 is an all-rounder operating system. Those of Redmond, over time, have made divisions of this with the S or X versions, but the essence is the same. In the case of digital tablets with this software, they have a tablet mode that makes the use of the terminal more efficient using only the screen, without a keyboard or mouse. Now, on a PC using it doesn’t make any sense.

How to turn tablet mode on or off

One of the things you should know about tablet mode is that it can be activated and deactivated at will. Of course, always from your tablet with Windows 10 installed. Everything starts from the configuration of your computer, where you have to write ‘tablet mode’ to start using the different options that the machine has. You can also go through the path Start> system> tablet to access all the options.

Once here you will see two options in which you can indicate when the device enters tablet mode. Suppose that if you have a 2-in-1 computer such as a Microsoft Surface, then the tablet mode can be activated automatically, never or when the device requires it. The second option will serve as a notification as soon as the device is considered this tablet.

This is important since if you only use the touch screen the tablet mode is all you need, but if you connect a magnetic keyboard or Bluetooth with a mouse it may be easier for you to deactivate it and work like a normal computer. But we are not done yet, as there is a hidden option to turn tablet mode on or off in Windows 10.

This is just below the two options mentioned above, where it says Change additional tablet settings. The first section that you will find will be the key, which is to activate or deactivate the tablet mode. The funny thing is that the software itself will detect if you have or the machine has touch functions, so by default it will choose the mode that best suits your needs.


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