How to Turn Long YouTube Videos into Short ones


Since the release of YouTube Shorts, content creators have quickly repurposed their longer videos into shorter clips. For YouTubers, this is a great way to reach a wider audience. Considering how much time authors spend shooting and producing their work, efficiency is important. As a result, YouTube has updated its app to provide tools for creating short YouTube videos that save time. Simple and convenient, this process is easy to follow.

In 2021, Google released YouTube Shorts worldwide to keep up with the TikTok trend. Just like in TikTok, users can endlessly scroll through YouTube Shorts videos. Various additional video enhancements are available, such as green screen, music, effects and subtitles. The Shorts platform currently allows a maximum video duration of 15 to 60 seconds.

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The most convenient way to turn a long video into a short one is to use YouTube’s “Turn into a Short” feature. Start by opening the YouTube app. Then select the Library icon located in the lower right corner. Click on the “Your Videos” icon at the top. Go to the desired video and select it. Now the video and several options in the menu below will be displayed on the screen. The next step is to select the “Create” icon in the menu. Select “Edit to Short Film” at the top. With the tool, users can cut the video into segments with a total duration of up to 60 seconds. In addition, users can edit a short film by adding filters and additional camera frames or an imported video if the total duration of the clip does not exceed 60 seconds. When all the changes are completed, click “Next” in the upper right corner. Add a title and caption to the video. Don’t forget to select other necessary parameters before clicking “Upload Short”.

Converting existing videos into short films

There are several points to pay attention to when converting an original long YouTube video into a short one. Firstly, the longer content must be the original work of the YouTuber. Also, the video cannot be private or have a “Made for Kids” option. In any case, the “Create” icon will not appear in the menu. As with all apps, this may change in the future. However, the most notable thing is that the short films created using the YouTube tool will link the content to the original video. Viewers will be able to immediately go to the attribute content and view the entire footage.

Despite YouTube’s reputation as a site with long videos, short films are viewed by more than 1.5 billion users every month. Content creators are discovering that short films are a powerful way to showcase their long videos and direct viewers to that content. Using the YouTube Shorts conversion tool is an easy way to capitalize on this success.


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